Leah Moss

I love that deep, relaxed sigh of returning home. I also love sturdy, simple, natural things that have character and a history. Things that age gracefully even when used often.

I’m a native Washingtonian, and though DC can feel busy and impersonal at times, my passion for transforming houses and workplaces into places of peace and inspiration began right here. 

Growing up in a family full of artists, and moving somewhat often, my appreciation for well-designed spaces flourished during my school years in Georgetown. I fell in love with the thoughtful architecture as well as those quirks that only come when time communicates with natural materials, like the uneven cobblestone streets and the dips in well worn marble steps. That love expanded in big old Texas at University of Dallas and in Rome while studying the history of art and architecture. After school, I enjoyed the high-low mix of the design world, working for the British textile company, Cowtan & Tout, as well as contributing as a regular design blogger to Apartment Therapy.  

Since launching my own business in 2008, I’ve enjoyed creating fresh, relaxed, and highly personalized interiors for a wide range of clients–from custom new builds to tiny chapels. 

Design Approach

I approach design as art, knowing that the magic is in the layering…and that good design deals with the details. 

How high should the baseboards be? Does this light need a dimmer switch? Which direction should this tile lay? Design can be intimidating, and the number of decisions can be overwhelming. My goal is to bring a creative perspective to the practical details of function and comfort in each interior design project, beginning with architectural character. On a day to day basis that often means making sure that the client’s vision is communicated clearly to the builders and tradespeople, and that the client knows exactly what a contractor’s questions mean. 

While most of my projects reflect my leanings toward natural, classic, pared-down style, I steer clear of generic and one-size-fits-all design. I delight in helping my clients discern their own stylistic preferences, and helping them create spaces that truly reflect their way of life. My primary focus with each project is harmonizing the personal tastes and needs of my clients with the unique character and challenges of their living/working spaces.